Rusk Packing Machine


Doyal Pouch Packing is the leading manufacturer as well as supplier of Rusk Packing Machine who totally satisfies the demand of customers. They offer their users a problem free and also a smooth- textured machine which is extremely plaid for the unstoppable characteristic it owns. All the elements used of the machine are purely designed and factory-made to the standard of international quality. The machine that Doyal pouch render has longer support life and also it is accessible at the market leading value. The Rusk Machine is able to provide cost-efficient packaging for various types of sizes, also the line, and the numbers of rusk which are 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 line. It maintains a speed of 20-40 pouches in a minute but it depends on the lines and also the size of the pouch.

Features of Rusk machines

1 Such machines are manufactured by using the latest technology.

2 These machines are fabricated from top grade raw material.

3 These machines save a lot of time by packing the top manufacture of rusk at one time.

4 The performance of such machines is quite high.

5 The quality offered by Doyal is completely different and cannot be matched with other companies in the market.

6 Such machines are helpful in storing the rusk very easily.

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