Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine


The company Doyal Pouch Packing Machine uses diverse types of packing that very different from each other but every packing system of company is very useful and important. Company does not use any kind of waste packing system.

From diverse of packing system, here company is using horizontal-flow-wrap-machine for packing. In this packing system, with inline-infeed system gently indexed the products into the infeed chain of the flow wrapper, where that product packed and sealed with the speed of 1,500 bars per minute.

This type of machine is use for packing solid products with heat seal and this kind of machines known as Pillow pouch packaging machine. This horizontal packing machine works with variable range of speed.

This machine is packs solid products in heat sealable and laminates to pillow pack.

The products like soaps, detergents bars, bearings, tubes and medical equipment like syringes, medicines and all other thing can be wrapped via this machine

This machine is PID based temperature controller

This machine runs under positive infinite variable speed drive

This machine is very easy and simple in change over between products

This machine give the easy access to move all parts for lubrication

This machine includes direct online linkup facility from the infeed line.Contact us for more details about our services.

Horizontal Flow Wrap Machine


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