Biscuit Packing Machine


Biscuit Packing Machine consists of cushion form auto-loading inclined packaging machine which comes backed by the modern technology that supports so as to offer precise procedure aid. Additionally, the system comes with a touchscreen restrainer for casual surroundings of packing constant. There are some of the features which include high speed dealing, appropriate to be used with all kind of packaging materials, digital input for assuring accurate protection as well as cutting position, invariant temperature control, also the auto feeder support, maximal roll width of about 380 mm, pillow type seal pouch packaging and many others. There are some machines which are first-rate in choice, long lasting in their nature and also function with extreme precision. Such machines are accessible in the market in numerous models to function diverse packaging solutions. This is best selling product in the market with the market price of Rs. 2.9 Lakh/ Piece.

Specifications of Packaging Machine

1) This machine consists of asymmetrical, cuboid, cylindric, square, and rectangular shaped solid products.

2) It comprises of feeding system manual and auto feeder.

3) Temperature Controller Programmable Integral Derivative is also used in this machine.

4) The power which is consumed by the machine is 3 kW.

5) The net weight of this biscuit machine is 650 Kg.

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