Auger Filler Machine


Make Your Packing Easier With Auger Filler Machine

Auger filler machine is basically used for packing of powder. Most of the time in the rainy season the moisture usually enter the powder. With this moisture, variation problem arises in the powder pouches. Therefore, this filler machine can pack all the powdered material without any difficulty. The users can pack flour, turmeric powder, and all spices powder with the help of this machine.

Features of Auger Filler Machine

1) This machine is fully automatic, heavy as well as it is a PLC controlled machine. 2) The operations are simple and maintenance of this machine is low. 3) All the parts of auger filler are made up of stainless steel. 4) For easy movement, such machine can be mounted on coaster wheels too.

Auger Filler Machine is fast and accurate in wrapping pharmaceutical and food processing industry. The weighing ability of this machine consists of an easy setup as well as it is the adjustment and it can be modified according to the requirement of the customer. It has auxiliary agitator with the adjustable rotation speed. This machine is designed up with stainless steel. Also, the users can split the hopper so that cleaning and maintenance become easy. The transparent ring of auger machine is made up of hardened glass which makes it long lasting.

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